Water waste has been a big contributor to the drought that has hit Southern California for the past several years. And although you try your best to conserve your water, your utility bills say otherwise. Have you considered that you might have a leak somewhere in or around your home or business? Here are three factors that can lead to higher water bills.

Leaky Toilets

The toilet can be the number-one mechanism that contributes to wasting the most amount of water. A leaking or running toilet can contribute to in excess of 75,000 gallons of water being wasted each year from any given home or business! It can be easily fixed, because the fault usually lies in a defective flapper in the toilet’s tank.

Lateral Line Leaks

Lateral lines are pipes that transfer water from metered connections to your home. The age of the pipe, tree root interference or other impacting elements may have caused cracks in the lines. Professional plumbing companies can locate the leak and recommend an optimal solution such as trenchless pipe lining, pipe bursting or replacement.

Leaking Faucets

A dripping faucet can waste about 15 gallons of water per day or more. Check your pipes, inside and outside, to ensure that they aren’t leaking. If you need, you can also change the spigots when turning the tap fails to contain the dripping.
Conserving water will do good for the environment as well as your utility bills. Confirm you’re not wasting water unknowingly by checking for leaks. A professional plumbing company can assess your pipes and determine where underground leaks are coming from, too. Call 888-4-ROOTER today for a free estimate and an expert plumber can come out to evaluate your plumbing issue.